Gary Johnson? Jill Stein? Who the heck are they?

If you don’t know, never mind. Close this page. Nothing to see here. “Toddlers and Tiaras” is on the Learning Channel.  I sincerely hope you learn something from the “Learning” channel.

I’ve been thinking about third party candidates for President since President Obama signed the NDAA in January. I can put up with a lot but signing a law that allowed for indefinite detention of American citizens in clear contradiction of the Constitution made me seriously question his judgment.

But then, I have to question the judgment of the fool that wrote the law. The fools passed it out of committee. The fools that voted for it in the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Lots and lots of fools. Only one POTUS. Had Obama vetoed the measure (which included authorization for defense spending) the cry from the opposition would have been **WEAK ON DEFENSE!! HATES THE MILITARY!! SEE WE TOLD YOU!!!!** He should have vetoed it out of conscience.  Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be much conscience in our nation’s capitol these days.  But I question the conscience (as well as the understanding of the Constitution) of every Congressman and Senator who voted for the law as much as I do POTUS.  The NDAA was passed by 222 Republicans and 77 Democrats in the House and by 48 Democrats and 44 Republicans in the Senate.  Easy override in the Senate.  Probably in the House of Representatives as well.  Obama made a political calculation and responded.

But this is not about NDAA. This is about Jill Stein and Gary Johnson.  I struggled with my decision for a bit, and still do. I don’t want either party in power if that’s the kind of nonsense they consider as governance. However as much as I abhor Obama’s decision to sign, I am far more troubled by what the Republican party has become.  As much as I want to teach Obama a lesson by withholding my vote this fall, I fear a Romney Presidency with all its unseriousness, warmongering, and budgetary shenanigans much more.  At last glance, Romney and Obama are tied in North Carolina where I will vote. I don’t have the luxury of a protest vote in a solid red or blue state. I must consider that.


But this is not about my vote either. Gary Johnson. Jill Stein. Remember?

How do you build stuff? Houses? Pyramids? Political movements?  I’m not much of a builder myself. More of a fixer. I can take something broken and usually do a fair job of puzzling out and fixing it.  Building something from scratch? Not so much. But I did watch builders put together our last house from clearing the lot to the last coat of paint. And I can tell you without hesitation that they DID NOT start with the roof. They started with the footers. The foundation.

Ms. Stein and Mr. Johnson have vastly different ideas. Some I like, others I don’t.  I take them both seriously and respect them both. FAR more than the Republican Party and more than the Democrats. But they’re doing it wrong.  To change the country the movement HAS to start at the bottom. I have spoken in other forums about local council races, county commissioners, etc. Johnson and Stein have the luxury of financial backing and a ground game that could easily get them elected to Congress.  Johnson’s record as Governor could land him a Senate seat. The point is to get onto Capitol Hill. Introduce legislation. Build a coalition. Find like-minded legislators and bring them into the party, into the movement.  Yes there are a few. 7 Senators and 120 Congressmen voted AGAINST NDAA.

Show the American People that there is a legitimate third (or fourth) way that has a legislative record and that takes us away from the cliff that the two major parties keep driving towards.. It will be a long tough slog through a hostile environment, but it can be done.  Digging ditches. Digging footers.

It cannot be done by tilting at windmills. The American voter is NOT going to consider you for the top spot, at least not yet. For whatever reason the country has made their peace with RED or BLUE despite the failings of their chosen party to the point of ignoring the truth about what those parties have become.

Additionally the two party duopoly aided by a complacent media is easily relegating you to the fringe. Neither can ignore a competent legislator with a viable record particularly when the third party has a significant base in Congress.


Digging footers is tough, sweaty work. Looking at the footers on my last house when the laborers finished didn’t impress me at all. Looked like little had been done. But if not for those footers the house wouldn’t stand today.