From CNN - A protester at last weekend's Occupy Wall Street demonstration

Dear Democrats,

Thanks for all you’ve done. You made the United States greater than it was. You beat the great depression, brought a middle class to America, passed civil rights legislation, and more. We Americans have much to thank you for.

But you have overstayed your welcome.  In the last thirty years you have become almost as corrupt, just as beholden to special interests, and you have stopped listening to the American people.

The tea party may have started with some popular sentiment of fairness, however it has it has become a bloated front for the most extreme of the right. Any semblance of anti crony capitalist sentiment has been drowned out by the millions poured into the loose organization by AFA, the Koch Brothers, and by their media shills – Fox News.

The Republican party has always (in my lifetime) been about corporate interests. Not so much about building a better America as it has been about building a better bottom line.  The unholy alliance between the corporate interests and the religious right was a con game that the “Family values” crowd still hasn’t gotten wise to. I have no use for the party, and I would bet lunch and a beer that most Americans have no use for them either.
So all that is left is the Democratic Party, right? Wrong. In the last thirty years the Democrats have embraced the same Wall Street money that the Republicans have spent a lifetime chasing. In Congress the number of millionaires is virtually equal on both sides of the aisle. Wall Street gave more money to the Obama campaign in 2008 than they did to the Republicans. Barney Frank’s top staffer, Michael Paese, cashed out after writing the “financial regulation reform” bill by becoming director of governmental affairs at Goldman Sachs. Chris Dodd is  owned by JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America. The list is endless.

2011 has brought us the Occupy Wall Street movement. The movement is so far uncorrupted by either big money or outside influence.  Protesters are from every corner of American life. They don’t have to identify as right or left (although some do). They identify as Americans. Perhaps they see the corruption on both sides of the aisle. Perhaps they see that Wall Street has bought and paid for our government and expects them to do their bidding. But they want and demand change.

An opportunity exists now more than any time that I can remember to create from scratch a third party. A real third party that can influence local, state and national elections.  A party not of rigid ideological purity but  fiscally conservative, socially liberal, and engaging in a common sense foreign policy that builds relationships, maintains a strong defensive posture, and ends the interventionist nonsense that has been the hallmark of the United States for the last 120 years. The possibilities are many and should be debated fully, but what is not up for debate is that we are in serious trouble.

There are millions of Americans who are sick and tired of the fighting. More awake every day to see that the “us versus them” show in Washington and on cable news is nothing more than a game. In fact, I think Americans are waking up to the fact that all the us versus them fights are really a sideshow designed to draw our attention away from the fact that we are being robbed blind. A third party that rejects all that, that rejects corporate influence, and that promises to actually govern for the general welfare of ALL Americans will go far and rise quickly.

No, we won’t win the White house in 2012, but how about a reasonable start. Some congressional districts, small gains in state legislatures.  No organization is built from the top down. It has to start from the bottom and build up. But a few solid ground rules to effectively reject the influence that is a cancer on the American political system would be the ONLY ideological purity I would ask for.