11 years.  A long time, not long enough. A day that I prefer to remember with some silence, perhaps a good deed if I can. Not a day for politicking. Not a day to bash one side or the other. There are 364 other days a year to bite each other’s heads off. Well, maybe we can pretend to love our brothers and sisters on Christmas. But sill, plenty of time.


No. apparently not. My news feed this morning had Dick Cheney blaming Obama for something or other. It had the New York Times Op Ed with another story about missed opportunities in 2001.

Strangely enough, even through the nastiest Presidential campaign ever (aren’t they all?) the candidates chose to not run commercials today. I guess they know that their surrogates in the press and on talk radio will be happy to fill the void.

Lots of folks posting on Facebook have dug out the 9/11 never forget pictures of the tower collapsing or the plane flying into the building. Lets face it. Either you’ve seen it or you just arrived on the planet yesterday.  Really. We know. We get it. Is this the part where I lose patriot cred if I don’t “like” your post? Well, too bad. I don’t. I’m not going to argue with you. I’m not going to point out anything or everything or all things. Not even the things that SHOULD be considered. Not today. Maybe tomorrow.

Today we mourn.